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Why Visit Ukraine? Ukraine Tourism – Travel Guide [HD 2018] |

Why Visit Ukraine? Ukraine Tourism – Travel Guide [HD 2018]

If you are a travel lover and love travel in different countries? And never think about visit to Ukraine. Then you must watch this video once, because there are numerous reasons to visit Ukraine.

1. Largest European Country
2. Just 3 Hours Distance from the “Kiev”, which is the capital of Ukraine.
3. 23,000 KM Railway Network
4. Amazing 7 UNESCO heritage sites in Ukraine.
5. ODESSA Opera: In worlds top 5 operas.
6. 30,000+ Churches & Parishes
7. 20,000+ Lakes in Whole Ukraine.
8. Ukrainian Food: One of the richest national cuisines.
9. 11 million Hectares of Forests.
10. 71,000+ rivers & streams.
11. Over 100,000 m of slope length.
12. Oleshky Sands: Only Desert in Europe
13. 500+ KM Beaches & Resorts.
14. Most Affordable Touristic Destination in Europe.
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