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What to do With 1 Day in Jaipur (English Travel Vlog) |

What to do With 1 Day in Jaipur (English Travel Vlog)

We only had one day to explore Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, so we were sure to make it count! Visiting Jaipur is one of the most common travel destination in India and it really is for good reason! There are a lot of things to do in this city so we had to carefully choose what we wanted to fit into our one day in Jaipur.

Our first stop in this travel vlog is the famous Amber Fort (or Amer Fort), which we learned was a palace for previous Maharaja and is a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours. Not only is the architecture at Amber Fort stunning, but the accessibility to so much of the fort makes it a really fun place to explore.

The next place we visited in Jaipur was a famous photo spot called the Panna Meena ka Kund Stepwell, and man is it stunning! It’s so photogenic, even if the water colour is a little iffy :p

After a quick look at Jal Mahal (which makes for a nice quick pit stop), we visited the most anticipated tourist attraction of the day; Hawa Mahal! The incredible Wind Palace is everything we imagined it to be, although we didn’t anticipate just how loud it is! The street in front of Hawa Mahal is very busy, and when you add all the tourists and shop keepers into the mix, it can quickly become overwhelming. We loved seeing Hawa Mahal and could have stayed for hours taking various photos and videos; it really is an amazing structure and is Jaipur’s number 1 tourist attraction for good reason!

Last but not least, we toured around the City Palace to see how the modern day Royalty live. Surprisingly, this is actually the stop that we would suggest you skip if you’re short on time in Jaipur. Unless you pay extra for entry into special rooms, the palace itself doesn’t offer visitors as much to see or do as we expected. If you only have one day in Jaipur like we did, maybe skip a visit to the City Palace and check out another fort or explore the Rajasthani cuisine a bit more!

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We hope this video helps you plan your visit to Jaipur, especially if you only have one day in the Pink City!

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== Chapters ==
0:00 Let’s catch you up
0:21 First stop – Amber Fort!
2:11 Don’t ride elephants folks
3:21 Amber Fort is stunning
4:54 If you’ve ever wanted to be famous, visit India
5:23 Visiting the Panna Meena ka Kund Stepwell
7:00 Jal Mahal pit stop
8:18 Hawa Mahal is as beautiful as they say (but it’s noisy)
10:43 Exploring the City Palace
12:50 Thoughts on visiting Jaipur
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