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WHAT NEXT? Travels and New Car! |

WHAT NEXT? Travels and New Car!

What’s next? The last few months have been an unusual time, but I’m finally going to be heading to my home in Germany with the SLS AMG Black Series which means also being able to collect the newest Shmeemobile; the BMW M8! During an errand day to prepare all of the cars, let’s have a run through of the plans ahead.

Without knowing when I’ll return, that means a day of errands to leave the cars as prepared as possible. The first stop is to drop off the Toyota GR Supra for a wash at H2O given it’s covered in bugs and over time they can stain satin paintwork. Then the Red Focus RS is off for a storage run drop to empty out a load of boxes that have been accrued, before heading to the car storage to prep the other cars.

With the beastly tank that it is, the AMG G63 is also a bit of a storage box so will be home to the Gokart for the coming time. Amusingly though, the cover that it is on it doesn’t really do a great job… Each of the cars is then placed up onto the tyre cushions which protect them from getting flat spots if left to sit for too long, and of course connected up to chargers to preserve the batteries. That means a little bit of shuffling for the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ford GT, McLaren Senna, Aston GT8, and AMG GT R Pro.

I have talked many times now about moving my cars into a private garage, the Shmuseum, but alas with the way things have gone recently this has not been possible for many reasons; including the ability to actually sign contracts and get it fitted out, as well as financially being very unwise considering the current economy. It’s definitely something on the cards for the not too distant future, but while I’m going to be over in Germany it’s far less urgent.

As I’ve also announced, the newest Shmeemobile, a BMW M8 has been waiting in Munich since it was built in mid-March but alas couldn’t be collected given the travel restrictions. Fortunately an upshot of having to travel over to Germany means that it can now be picked up from BMW M in Munich! The trip ahead will be departing in the SLS Black Series, giving plenty of opportunity to take it to the Autobahn and Nurburgring Nordschleife amongst other things in Germany.

The primary reason for heading over is that my girlfriend and I are legally obliged to travel to Germany. We are actually moving places in Frankfurt and that means we have to get there to move our things out from the current place. In line with the updated travel regulations across the UK, France, Belgium and Germany, we are allowed to travel since we could not postpone it any further, having started this process back in March before these restrictions came into place.

For the time being then, it’s a case of preparing everything even though many of the cars will be accessed and used by various people during the time away, and some will even be brought out to Germany, but with a great many unknowns just being as over the top ready as possible.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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