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What I Pack in my Backpack (Essentials) |

What I Pack in my Backpack (Essentials)

Here is what I pack in my backpack for a flight. Take a look at what’s in my bag so you will pack travel essentials for your personal item bag that fits under the airplane seat. #whatsinmybag #travelessentials #traveltips

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My essentials in my backpack:
Backpack: https://bit.ly/3rnqUmR (15.6)
My shirts: https://TravelTipsbyLaurie.myspreadshop.com/
Cord case: https://bit.ly/3cQ5NHA
Cord roll-up case: https://bit.ly/37KR1zP
Phone charger: https://bit.ly/3c7mP0X
Phone stand: https://bit.ly/3mMgAVs
Phone prop: https://bit.ly/3DCbxzZ
Phone case with prop: https://bit.ly/3DBU8aQ
Wipes: https://bit.ly/3vpsF7u
Sunglasses: https://bit.ly/3OP4O8N
Pen: https://bit.ly/3DDuItc
Liquids bag: https://bit.ly/3lpLd1R
3 Pouches: https://bit.ly/3mSJmAJ
Pink pouch: https://bit.ly/31MCpw8
Peeps: https://bit.ly/3w7wqwj
Fingernail file case: https://bit.ly/38DY1yA
Soap sheets: https://bit.ly/3kAVcjD
Passport booklet: https://bit.ly/3lXMOfU
Fanny pack: https://bit.ly/3OQTYxX
Crossbody bag: https://bit.ly/3wTKHy5
Thin wallet: https://bit.ly/3cTgFzk
Amazon storefront: https://www.amazon.com/shop/traveltipsbylaurie

00:00 What is in my backpack
00:14 Electronics
01:04 Airplane essentials
06:00 Travel essentials
07:55 Pack medicine
08:37 Backpack essentials

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Instagram: @TravelTipsByLaurie (My former channel name was LauriePOP Ideas That POP, but now I produce travel tip videos only)

Occasionally I use affiliate links, and all opinions that POP into my head are my honest ones.


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