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Welcome to the 'New Normal' and it's Green Active Travel! |

Welcome to the ‘New Normal’ and it’s Green Active Travel!

While we’ve all been locked down the government has been busily preparing for our green ‘new normal’, when we leave lockdown.

Thinking about those car, bus, taxi and tube journeys into work after the lockdown ends?

Well think again – because the government is expecting you to social distance walk and cycle and is making the required preparations for it.

Yesterday, the government issued statutory guidance on reallocating road space for cyclists and pedestrians.

And it starts off with a foreword by the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, saying that the Invisible Enemy:

“…has had a terrible impact on the lives and health of many UK citizens, as well as severe economic consequences. But it has also resulted in cleaner air and quieter streets, transforming the environment in many of our towns and cities.

“And millions of people have discovered, or rediscovered, cycling and walking. In some places, there’s been a 70% rise in the number of people on bikes – for exercise, or for safe, socially distanced travel.

“When the country gets back to work, we need them to carry on cycling, and to be joined by millions more. With public transport capacity reduced, the roads in our largest cities, in particular, may not be able to cope without it.

“We also know that in the new world, pedestrians will need more space.”

And it gives this a bit of impetus by saying that there is significant evidence showing that fitness aids recovery against the Invisible Enemy.

And this is something we will all get to hear of more and more and it’s called:



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