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WATANZAD – EP 103 – Jamal Travels To Delhi In Disguise And Changes His Appearance – Roxen Original |

WATANZAD – EP 103 – Jamal Travels To Delhi In Disguise And Changes His Appearance – Roxen Original

The decision was made before departure for Serinager Jammal to change their entire appearance. After traveling from different places, he arrived in Kashmir.

He changes their appearance by wearing a mustache, sherwani, and circular glass. And he looks like a businessman and trader.

In a way, he passes through several police checkpoints. Checking on him makes him nervous, but he gives himself confidence.

He hides his pistol in a safe place in a car behind the star. Because he does not want to take any risks and get caught. Normally, police do not search for such places.

WATANZAD – EP 103 – Jamal Travel From Delhi In A Disguise – Roxen Original

RoxenOrginal provides Urdu content based on true stories and events happening in the country. It praises the efforts and struggles of our unseen and unknown heroes.

Watanzad is a story of a young Pakistani boy who went to India on a mission to gather intelligence about the enemies of his beloved country Pakistan. On his arrival in the enemy territory, he faced numerous challenges and made many friends and enemies along the way.

The story is written by Muhammad Abbas Saqib who is a renowned story writer based in Karachi. He has collected all the information from an anonymous source who claimed to be the man who has been through all these missions.

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