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Volvo B11R Celeste Sleeper Bus | SMK Prakash | Orange Travels Premium Luxury Interiors & Exteriors |

Volvo B11R Celeste Sleeper Bus | SMK Prakash | Orange Travels Premium Luxury Interiors & Exteriors

Volvo B11R Celeste Sleeper Bus 14.5M IShift | SMK Prakash | Orange Travels Premium AC Luxury Interiors & Exteriors,Price,Review | Rishabh Chatterjee | Bangalore – Pune – Mumbai Route

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The Volvo B11Ris a 10.8-litre engined coach chassis available as both two- and tri-axle from Volvosince 2011. It was introduced as the second of the Volvo BXXRseries, replacing the rest of the B12Brange in 2011, and later its fellow BXXR platform model, the B13Rin 2013.

The B11R is the standard chassis for both the 9700and 9900coaches, except the North American 9700 which still use the B13R. It is also available in the Indian market and is sold by Volvo under the 9400 brand with a length of 14.5 metres.
In Indonesia, TransJakartaoperates more than 100 Laksana Cityline 2 bodied B11Rs.

Prakash Bus Corporation (PBC) a subsidiary of S.M. Kannappa Automobiles, Bengaluru, has unveiled its all-new luxury sleeper coach ‘Celeste’ built on Volvo Buses multi-axle platform.
The ‘Celeste’ multiaxle sleeper coach bears a new improved front and rear fascia with a premium head light assembly and customized schematic brake lights at the rear. The brake lights depict a classy individual segregated bold look, which makes it defined in an unique fashion as compared to the previous brake light assembly used.
While the interiors give a warm feeling of the comfort level with the luxurious and spacious 2+1 executive sleeper berths with individual LED and mobile phone holders. The new ‘Celeste’ multiaxle will be built in two variants – the 13.8 mtr and the 14.5 mtr variant.
The inaugural event showcased the 13.8 mtr ‘Celeste’ B11R I-Shift variant which has a special enclosed driver berth capsule with a entry door located at the rear end of the coach, which was a special attraction of the coach interiors. The special driver berth capsule is said to be the first of its kind on any sleeper coach in India, and was appreciated by all customers at the event. The driver berth capsule will not only give a good resting place for the driver, but will also ensure proper sleep for him on long route travel, during driving crew change, enroute. The coach has 36 sleeper berths for the passengers. While the 14.5 mtr ‘Celeste’ B11R I-Shift variant will have 42 sleeper berths as told by Prakash Sources. The coach has a rear camera for tracking traffic and during reversing modes, and the camera screen is placed strategically at the line of sight of the driver near to the front windshield, replacing its traditional placement on the driver console.


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