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Vancouver Adventures: a Travel Vlog |

Vancouver Adventures: a Travel Vlog

highlights of our trip include: eating poutine, sleepy Sufi in the mornings, having a gigantic bathroom for 4 days, and seeing the sparkling lights!

Find us on Instagram: @anjalichakra & @sufi.sun
and Twitter: @anj3llyfish & @sufisun7

Comment below what song you think we’re lipsyncing to at the party! (we had to remove the audio for copyright reasons)

Video Description for the Visually Impaired:

Video opens to two women seated on a bed in a hotel room with wooden paneling behind them. The woman on the left, Anjali, wears a black crewneck sweater and her collarbone-length hair down. The woman on the right, Sufi, wears a grey thermal top and her shoulder-length hair in a grey hat. The two introduce themselves and the video, then the video transitions to day one: them inside the Vancouver airport, then traveling to the hotel in a black car, then giving a tour of the same hotel room. They get ready and go to a party at a bar called D6. Anjali shows viewers her poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curd), and then how messy the room is. During day two footage, Anjali can be seen trying to open the blinds, then the two are seen talking to the camera in a selfie video explaining their day. We see footage of breakfast. Then we see them explaining the remainder of the day. They go to a lookout tower. They visit Tim Hortons and Sufi tries Timbits. They walk through the city, eat dinner, and visit a museum after-hours party. On day three, the two visit capilano suspension bridge park. On day four, they are seen at the airport talking to the camera, then eating at the airport food court.


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