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Utah (USA) Vacation Travel Video Guide |

Utah (USA) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Utah in USA.
The State of Utah is located in the south west of the United States of America is a land of endless horizons, canyons, deserts and big open spaces. What Mecca is to the Moslems and Rome is to the Catholics is what Salt Lake City is to the Mormons. It is also the capital of the U.S. federal state of Utah. The prosperous city also contains many of those of other faiths but the highly influential Mormon church makes most of the region’s political decisions. The administrative HQ of the world wide active Mormon church is, at a hundred and twenty eight metres high, the city’s tallest building. The religion’s financial might and strict administration still exist today. Each member has to contribute one tenth of his or her income thus the Council Of The Twelve Apostles and the church presidency are a wealthy multinational concern. The Bonneville Salt Flats are located next to Great Salt Lake, a huge area covered by salt that is one of the flattest areas in the world. The lake was once used for motor sports and on the Salt Flats racing drivers in rocket-shaped cars attempted to beat one land speed record after the other. Zion National Park is not only a place of natural history as signs of human habitation have also been discovered here. Several of the park’s archaeological sites indicate that Man inhabited this region more than two thousand years ago. It is believed that its earliest prehistoric inhabitants were the legendary Anasazi Indians, followed by the Paiute Tribe. This land of red rock, the Great Salt Lake and remarkable canyons is a wonderful world at the edge of civilisation created by the might of natural forces. A desert land where water is vital and the supply of which is now assured by modern technology. All this is Utah, a dream world of deep canyons and vast open spaces

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