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Turkish Tea Time With Chopstick Travel Luke Martin & Sabrina |

Turkish Tea Time With Chopstick Travel Luke Martin & Sabrina

Dear Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson from Chopsticktravel are in Istanbul and were my guests.
I went to the city center very early in the morning before meeting with them. We had packed our breakfast and tea and head to the garden of Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque. It has a gorgeous view of Golden Horn on top of Fatih hills. In the breakfast We had simple sandwiches and a white cheese borek along with fresh pogacas we bought from the bakery.
To see more about the place watch this vlog: Balat, Mosques & Churches https://youtu.be/8VcOrjNeW2Y

Then I met with Martin and Sabrina at the Findikzade tram station and had a small tour in one of the biggest street bazaar Opens on fridays in that area. More about biggest street market watch this vlog: https://youtu.be/Q3QndGswVvw
We had tea time with special Turkish treats in a 16th-century old Madrasah School that is serving as a charity now. We had a great time and talked about what we can do together.
With a Turkish tea we served:
Turkish Grape Leaves “Sarma” https://youtu.be/FPWboizDY-4
Turkish Delights Filled Cookies https://youtu.be/HvC-KcF7q_k
Fig Cake With Muhallebi (Pudding) 7 Similar To This Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6js2xMrkWY
Handmade Home Style Burma Walnut Baklava / Here is a ready phyllo sheet version https://youtu.be/cejUmrpinLk
Handmade Home Style Flaky Borek
Haluj (Dumpling) Made With Siyez Wheat

You might be interested to watch: Istanbul Fatih Walk Tour & Traditional Turkish Dinner With Relatives https://youtu.be/KgEOepvNScU

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