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Trying Travel Products |

Trying Travel Products

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this week i try out the best travel products despite the lighting being completely against me the ENTIRE video!

check out everything in my blog post here: https://www.meganbatoon.com/favorites-1/2020/2/10/travel-product-review

products i mentioned:
water bottle: http://bit.ly/2H0i3C7
eye mask: http://bit.ly/2tAo9pI
conditioner bar: http://bit.ly/31yuWwK
shampoo bar: http://bit.ly/3873XLh
travel wallet: http://bit.ly/383UKmM
packing cube: http://bit.ly/373JaH7
hydration mix: http://bit.ly/2Oytq8y

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I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m still gonna do it. My comedic lifestyle channel has dance choreography, vlogs, styling, cooking, DIY, who knows what I’ll do next? (Not me) I upload every Wednesday and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on Fridays! Wow, two things every week just for you. you deserve it.

[Trying Travel Products]


if you’ve read this far, comment santa is british


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