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Travelon Anti Theft Classic Travel Bag 42224 |

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Travel Bag 42224

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Travel Bag – RFID Blocking – Click here for more info or to order: https://www.corporatetravelsafety.com/safety-tips/five-things-to-learn-from-someone-who-fell-victim-to-a-pickpocket/

The Travelon Anti-theft Classic Travel Bag is a great mid-sized travel bag that’s made for both men and women. Its lightweight size is perfect when your out for the day – and just large enough to hold an iPad or similar sized tablet if needed.

The bag is made with a weather resistant material that will help keep your bag’s contents safe in a light drizzle, as well as four essential anti-theft features that every travel bag should have, including:

Locking Zippers Keep Out Pickpockets

“Chain Link” Mesh Embedded in the Bag Material Prevents Bag Slash Thefts

This security feature prevents the cutting of the most vulnerable parts of your bag and keeps your valuables from falling out.

“Anti-Slash” Purse Security Strap Prevents “Cut and Run” Thefts

The shoulder strap of this security bag features a steel cable reinforced, cut-proof design to prevent cutting of the bag strap. Wear this as a shoulder or cross-body travel bag for even more security protection.

Detachable “Anti-Snatch” Shoulder Strap Locks Bag Down and Prevents “Snatch and Run” Thefts

Dine or relax with peace of mind when you use the Travelon “Anti-Snatch” security strap. Even if your attention is diverted away from your bag, it is secure as the carry strap of the bag easily detaches from one end of the bag, allowing the strap to be looped around your chair arm, then secured back to the bag – thereby preventing casual bag snatching.

RFID Blocking Pockets Protect Against Electronic Pickpockets.

Slide your RFID enabled credit cards and passport into the RFID shielding pockets for protection against electronic pickpockets who can steal your identity, Learn more about RFID and your identity information.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Travel Bag organizational features
offers a lot of room so you can easily pack a camera, a tablet, a packable raincoat, and other necessities for your day’s excursion.

For more information, on the Travelon Classic Anti-Theft Travel Bag, visit:

Five Things to Learn From Someone Who Fell Victim to a Pickpocket


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