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TRAVELING southeast asia w my BESTFRIEND |

TRAVELING southeast asia w my BESTFRIEND


february – may 2017 my bestfriend and i traveled to thailand, vietnam, cambodia, philippines and indonesia together

i went through my gopro videos recently and thought i might aswell edit a little travel video 🙂 which was long overdue

since i didnt have youtube at the time i didnt really film with a purpose or for special transitions and the quality kind of sucks because its all filmed on gopro (didnt have my sony back then)

i really love editing these kind of videos but im just a beginner so please be kind 🙂

hope you enjoy it ! xoxo

camera: gopro hero 4 silver

song: All I Got by Said The Sky – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-sIsWrqAaU


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