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Traveling Circus Van 2.0 – The TC Van Fundraiser |

Traveling Circus Van 2.0 – The TC Van Fundraiser

Consider helping the TC Crew Get a new Van: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tcvan2/traveling-circus-van-20

After eight years of faithful service, the Traveling Circus Van has broken down once and for all. The crew was lucky enough to inherit the original TC Van used, as a free hand-me-down, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Naturally, they did their best to not take this for granted and use it to its full potential.

The van visited more than 100 ski resorts across North America and was instrumental in allowing us to produce 61 free episodes of skiing entertainment. It delivered free gear and pizza as part of Tell a Friend tour from West Virginia to British Columbia. It was skied on, over, off and through. The van died with a grand total of 283,482 miles.

As the season starts up, the TC Crew needs your help raising money to get a new van and keep the good times rolling(pun intended). While it was always (and will continue to be) a goal to never directly charge money to watch our episodes, we are now asking for your support in crowdfunding a new TC Van.

We have a few entertaining things available for larger donations on our Kick Starter page. Please help us spread the word and we hope you have a great season (see you out there in the new van hopefully)!

Help the TC Crew get a new van: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tcvan2/traveling-circus-van-20


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