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Travel with Abdukka | Creators for Nature |

Travel with Abdukka | Creators for Nature

Watch my first intro video, where I see this platform to share my travel stories from the past and experiences yet to explore.

“Live in Harmony with Nature”
Over the years, life in the wild lands of Indo-Malayan realm, has gone from abundance to the level of extinction, and exists today as small fragments of protected wildlife parks and sanctuaries ranging from the ancient mountain ranges – Western Ghats to the Mighty Himalayas – Eastern part together with all the scattered and magically biodiverse islands of the ecoregion.

Live in Harmony with Nature presented with Gratitude & Creators for Nature in association with Travel with Abdukka and Mallusingh’s Inn, aims to help facilitate an open dialogue about the future of Life in Nature, where travel is a core part our modern day culture, where we can travel responsibly and in the region, the community is building with creators from all walks is made possible.

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