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Travel Tuba Review |

Travel Tuba Review

Correction: I have now been informed that this is a copy of a German instrument. I have not had the chance to try the original. More information is at this link: http://www.jestaedt-instrumente.de/frame.htm
Correction: Though imported through some of the same American manufacturers that distribute Jin Bao instruments, this horn comes from Lang Music. Also, this model was around before the Meinl Weston travel tuba, but was not widely available on the US. Market. This was apparently not a starting point for Meinl Weston, so these have always been two small but unrelated designs. Thanks to Tom McGrady at Mack Brass for this (at this time) very hard-to-find information.

Alexander Lapins teaches at the University of Tennessee and is a Miraphone artist.

0:00 introduction/history of the instrument
2:39 comparison to other instruments
4:10 why I bought this tuba
4:50 mechanical considerations
6:10 what this isn’t
6:45 mouthpiece choice
8:16 Spillman “Two Songs” page 1
9:30 practice mute discussion and demonstration
12:24 practice mute in action at the airport
14:15 Berlioz excerpts


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