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Travel to Odisha from Bengaluru by Car | Bengaluru to Odisha Route Details | Highway Details |

Travel to Odisha from Bengaluru by Car | Bengaluru to Odisha Route Details | Highway Details

This Video is all about our Travel from Bengaluru to Odisha by Road with Family. We started from Bengaluru around 11 AM and Reached Nellore around 8 PM and stayed there in a Hotel.
Next Day we started early around 5 AM and Reached Berhampur, Odisha in the Night 3 AM, This includes Multiple Breaks Like Self Cooking and for Drone Shots etc., also we took rest for 1 Hour in Vishakhapatnam after Dinner. Road Condition from Bengaluru to Odisha is Average as 50% of the Road is not so great and have Patches around. Chittor to Nellore road condition is Pretty Bad and Vijayawada to Rajmundry also have Patches though it’s 4 lane Highway. Also, Just before Vishakhapatnam we took a Deviation as per Google Suggestion and landed in a Completely broken road with lots of Trucks which took 2 hours for 30km Drive. So Do not take any Deviation Once you Touch NH 16 as NH 16 Connects up to Kolkata Single Road.

I Recommend you to start early around 5 am from Bangalore and take a break at Vijayawada as it is half distance then continue your Journey next day again early 5 AM.

I tried to Cover as much as Information possible and tried to make the Video entertaining with best Scenic Capture along with Aerial view through Drone shots. If you have any queries, question Feedback then let me know in Comments.

Though this Video is from Bengaluru to Odisha Road Trip but If you are Visiting Vishakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Cuttuck, Balasore till Kolkata it is the same route and Helpful.
Total Drive Expenditure: 11915
Toll 1415, Patrol: 9000, Stay one Night 1500, Food : Self Cook and Carried from Home
Toll Gates and Price details from Bengaluru to Brahmapur, Odisha
These details are based on Fastag Deductions so incase of any Faulty Fastag not deducted then it might not have come in the list.

Total Toll Expenditure: Rs 1415

Hoskote Toll Plaza: 20
Mulbagal Toll Plaza: 70
Nangli Toll Plaza: 25
Mahasamudram Toll Plaza: 80
Budhanam Plaza (NH 16) : 40
Musunur Toll Plaza: 50
Tangatur Toll Plaza: 85
Bollapalli Toll Plaza: 145
Kaza Toll Plaza Mangalgiri : 95
Pottipadu Toll Plaza: 40
Kalaparru Toll Plaza: 35
Unguturu Toll Plaza: 90
Eethakota Toll Plaza: 100
Vempadu Toll Plaza: 115
Krishnavaram Toll Plaza: 85
Nathavalasa Toll Plaza: 50
Chilakpelam Toll Plaza: 45
Madapam Toll Plaza: 30
Bellupada Toll Plaza: 95
Laxmipuram Toll Plaza: 120

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