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Travel To Albania | Full Documentary And History About Albania In Urdu & Hindi |البانیا کی سیر |

Travel To Albania | Full Documentary And History About Albania In Urdu & Hindi |البانیا کی سیر

Video URL;https://youtu.be/uVsU2l0A1mc
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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Video Albania
friends who watch Shani TV on my behalf in this video today are going to visit Albania, Europe’s first Islamic country – considered the fourth poorest country in Europe.
 Albania is a religiously tolerant nation. Despite being an Islamic country, Christians, and Jews here, feel secure and fortunate. In every city in Albania, you will find Catholic churches within a few meters of a mosque. Albania is the most widely used aroma of wine, and made from grapefruit. In addition, more than 900 tonnes of hashish are produced in this country.
Albania is considered the poorest country in Europe.
That is why people prefer to live abroad more than their country.
It is said that the people of Albania are cheerful and hospitable
That is why they quickly make friends with strangers who come from outside.
Friends I request all my new arrivals before visiting this cheerful and hospitable country.
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Albania, whose full name is Republic of Albania, is a country in southeastern Europe. Located in the northwest of Montenegro, Macedonia in the east, Kosovo in the northeast and Greece in the south.
Albania is also known as the country of the mountains.
Because 70% of the country is mountainous
Forest and mineral deposits are found in large quantities.
Albania’s traffic police are considered corrupt police worldwide.
Here you will see traffic police blocking and fining vehicles on the roads here
Buses are high in Albania
In the Albania city of Tarana, there are instructions to be careful when crossing the road.
One of the reasons for this is the poor driving of people here.
The transport system here is very useless
There are only four airports in Albania
And there is a 677 km railway
And there are eighteen thousand kilometers of roads in total
Of which only seven thousand kilometers of roads are paved, the rest is bad
Albanian people drink a lot of passion
Which is part of their exciting diet and daily life.
Albania’s capital and largest city is the anthem.
Friends, this was my short and interesting video about Albania. Like and share the video after watching the video. How do you think InshaAllah is living life will soon be met with a new video of God for ever

Voice Over ; Muhammad Arfan

Audio & Video Editing : Nazam Anwar

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