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Travel to Albania 2017 – Explore Albania with Off Limits |

Travel to Albania 2017 – Explore Albania with Off Limits

Located in the center of Western Balkan’s region, Albania offers some of the most attractive, yet to be explored natural beauties ranging from the mesmerizing Adriatic and Ionian costs to lagoons, inland lakes and high mountains that virtually overshadow all of the country.

Off Limits Albania is a tour operator based in Tirana, Albania. Specialized on adventure and nature tourism in Albania!

Off Limits Albania is one of the first to engage in all forms of nature and rural tourism. Whether it be agritourism, ecotourism, cultural or adventure, the rural landscape of Albania offers perfectly versatile choices for the visitors interested to experience, understand and enjoy interaction with one of the oldest cultures in Europe.

Our standard and customized tours, carefully designed by our team, present the individual traveler, small groups or families with a lifetime impact that only the particular blend of cultural heritage and landscape distinct to Albania can. We lead the traveler to remote mountain areas, across stunning valleys, into peculiar natural protected areas, and on lakes residing in the bosom of Alps all the while unfolding before them historical sites, castles and ruins spanning from antiquity to middle ages that are second to none.

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