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TRAVEL 100KM TO VISIT THE ZOO AND HEAR HIM SING (a very beautiful song) |

TRAVEL 100KM TO VISIT THE ZOO AND HEAR HIM SING (a very beautiful song)

This is the third date with my Tinder date. Although I have to travel 100km to see him, we have so much fun with each other. In this video, I’ll go to the zoo with him, eat so much food, and especially hear him sing. I hope you enjoy the vlog. Don’t forget to give us a like and share 🙂

📖 Chapters:
00:00 it’s our third date, people
02:11 an endless walk to the zoo
04:26 the beautiful animals and us
12:26 waffle date and his beautiful voice
14:45 sweet cookies and dinner at his favorite restaurant
19:57 until we meet again, lion

🎵 Song list:
Even if the sky is falling down – Candelion
Tell me now – Gloria Tells
I don’t want to be a part of it – Stonekeepers
She was my Annie – Blue Topaz
My Last Song – The Eastern Plain
Paradise – Shy5
Still a little high – Deanz
No regrets – Guy Trevino and Friends
Grow up – Gloria Tells
Left in the rain – Loving Caliber
Come see me again – Almost Here
Frica Frio Amigo – Redeemin’
Out of Control – Gloria Tells
Just wanted to tell you – Almost Here

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I was born in Vietnam and spent 15 years of my life in this beautiful country. I studied abroad in Washington, United States at the age of 16 and am now working as a full-time tax accountant in London, United Kingdom. My channel depicts my life and me trying my best to make the world become a better place, simple as that.


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