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Top 10 Free Travel Apps to Book Cheap Flights in 2019 |

Top 10 Free Travel Apps to Book Cheap Flights in 2019

In this video, we’ll show you 10 best FREE apps to book your flight, find the best deals and other useful information.

Let’s start with some of the most common ones first:

#10 0:35 Momondo
Momondo lets you find, compare, and book flights anywhere in the world. Try their price calendar feature if your dates are flexible and find an even better deal. Another nice feature in this app is “Explore anywhere” in case you are still deciding where to go.
iOS: https://apple.co/2T03LG7
Android: https://bit.ly/1Ax0Wxe

#9 0:56 Kayak
Similar to Momondo, Kayak offers an easy way to search for dates, destinations and easy to use filters to narrow down your search.
iOS: https://apple.co/1lmY2BR
Android: https://bit.ly/1HBgK84

#8 1:07 Skyscanner
Skyscanner also gives you the same simple options to find and compare flights. Destinations, dates, etc.
iOS: https://apple.co/2TROOpA
Android: https://bit.ly/KqJjuv

#7 1:17 Expedia
Another great app to compare flights is Expedia. Just follow the easy to use navigation and find your flight.
iOS: https://apple.co/2RxGFKe
Android: https://bit.ly/2RxGWwK

#6 1:26 Hipmunk
While Hipmunk offers similar features to the previous apps, the way they display the results and show buying options over time can offer some added value when comparing your flights.
iOS: https://apple.co/2MgoKli
Android: https://bit.ly/2bK0MfS

#5 1:39 Kiwi.com
Kiwi lets you search for flights like all the other apps but if you want to combine plane, train & bus tickets all under one itinerary, Kiwi offers that option.
iOS: https://apple.co/2Mi4JuK
Android: https://bit.ly/2fOanZx

#4 1:52 Hopper
Hopper is an app that tells you when the prices for a specific flight on a specific day are lower. It predicts prices up to one year in advance and helps you book your flights and hotels at the right time.
iOS: https://apple.co/2VZhoXY
Android: https://bit.ly/1MCREd1

#3 2:06 Skiplagged
Skiplagged is a somewhat controversial app, disliked by most airlines because it uses a trick and lets you save on airfare by searching for flights where you get off at a layover, instead of at the final destination. Sometimes it makes business class cheaper than economy.
iOS: https://apple.co/2QTmS2N
Android: https://bit.ly/2CvAprQ

#2 2:24 SeatGuru
SeatGuru is not primarily a booking app. While you can search for flights with them, its main feature is that you can view your seat options in advance before checking in. We all know how important seats are, especially on longer flights. Just type your airline, flight number and date and it will show you all the seat options available. Plus, you can check the photos of that flight submitted by other users.
iOS: https://apple.co/2FvCFDu
Android: http://bit.ly/2RP7JUH

#1 2:50 Google
Just type Google Flights on Google and find cheap flights in seconds or type both departure and arrival destination in Google and continue to Google flights where you can refine your search. When you’re flying and want to check the status of your flight simply type your flight number in Google and “voila” all the important information in real time about your flight is there.
Google Flights on Android: http://bit.ly/2MlJwjK

• Mainstream flight booking apps offer similar features, but prices and flight options may vary so when you’re booking a flight it might be a good idea to search for the same flight using different apps.
• Sometimes you can find the cheapest flights when you’re booking directly with the airline, just download the airline app like JetBlue, Lufthansa, Emirates, etc. and search for your flights there.
• Once you’ve booked your flight and it’s travel time, make sure to also download the app of the airline you’re flying with to get all the important information and updates about your flight, possible delays, airport terminals, etc. Most major airlines have great and easy to use apps.
• There are many other great apps with great features such as Hitlist that watches best flight deals for your favourite destinations, or general flight search apps such as TripAdvisor, and others.
Do you have a favorite flight booking app or do you have experience using one of the apps we described? Share it in the comments below.

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