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Tobago (travel-documentary from the season "Caribbean Moments") |

Tobago (travel-documentary from the season "Caribbean Moments")

Wonderful nature and culturel diversity – that’s caribbean!
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The beauty of the nature of Tobago once inspired Daniel Defoe to let his famous castaway Robinson Crusoe land there. The island appeared to the hero as a planted Garden of Eden, and it is still impressive today. “Main Rich Forest Reserve” is the earliest preserved virgin rainforest in the western hemisphere (since 1776).

Arawak people were the first settlers on the island. Later the Caribs came from South America. The name Chistopher Columbus gave the island in 1498 was Bellaforma, later it became the name Tobago from Tobacco, which was growm on the island. Tobago was colonised by the British Empire. With the colonization different plants come to the island, such as cocoa and sugar cane. Plantations of these plants were driven with the labour force of slaves until the abolishment of slavery in 1833.

The island state Trinidad and Tobago belongs geographycally to South America, because of its nature. At the end of the last ice age melting glaciers caused the sea level to raise turning Trinidad and Tobago into islands.
Ian Flemming was inspired by the book “Birds of the West Indies”, written by the ornithologist james Bond, who made his research on Tobago and gave its name to the very famous protagonist of his romans: the British secret agent, Commander James Bond.

The documentation shows also the different fishing methods of the tobagonians. Some still fish in a very traditional manner by throwing the fishing nets into the sea and pull them back on the beach. The locals sell the fish at the market in Scarborough.

“Liming” ist the tobagonian art of doing nothing. People get together, drink and play cards. And of course music plays an important role on the village. Every Sunday is Sunday school, a huge street party featuring bands playing the steelpan.


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