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Tiznit Morocco, Mor Acro Moroccan Travel From Agadir, CHEAPEST HOTEL IN MOROCCO! |

Tiznit Morocco, Mor Acro Moroccan Travel From Agadir, CHEAPEST HOTEL IN MOROCCO!

Tiznit Morocco is a short trip from Agadir and a world away. We leave Tamraght by ALSA bus Agadir and from battoire take a taxi to Tiznit, accompanied with traditional Amazigh music. We see Moroccan mountains covered in snow, as well as shepards with their heard of sheep.
Our original destination was Mirleft, but as the day grew later Tiznit felt more and more welcoming. With it’s old school medina and gates Tiznit is reminiscent of Essaouira. We travel Morocco by taxi and bus to arrive without a hotel reservation in Tiznit. The first hotel we had planned to stay at , Riad, le lieu arrive at was closed. As Moroccan tourism revives after state of emergency lockdowns hotels use this time to renovate.
We walk through Tiznit medina searching for a hotel and La Source Bleaue. We stop for a turkey sandwich along the way to enjoy some Moroccan street food.
We find the waters of Tiznit and journey into a Mama Africa shop and learn the meaning of Azul. We hear traditional Moroccan music to celebrate the Amazigh new year and find it’s source. A jolly band to celebrate Amazigh New Year 2971.
We eat Moroccan donuts and admire the Moroccan mosque. After we see a place called Snap Pizza with a Chicago pizza so we note to come back later for some Moroccan fast food. We pass by Hotel Belle Vue but they are closed for renovations. The third time is the charm as we find Hotel Familie which was the cheapest hotel in Morocco. For 60 dirham we spent the night in a basic room without a shower.
The sun sets as we hear the Islamic call to prayer. Afterwards we enjoyed our Snap Pizza in Tiznit and retired as the city shut it’s doors and lights for the curfew in Morocco as we begin yet another month extension of State of Emergency. Have you traveled to Tiznit Morocco? The city famous for it’s silver craft, nestled between the mountains and the sea.

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