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Time Travel to Disneyland in the 1960s Randomland |

Time Travel to Disneyland in the 1960s Randomland

Welcome to Disneyland, in the 1960s! A rare, INSIDE view of the park on film in all its vintage glory! The first of many episodes of Randomland Time Travel to the parks. This time we Present Disneyland at its peak nostalgic glory, from the original parking lot, Main Street USA, Vintage Disney Character meet and greets, and rides from yesteryear that have long since gone! Ride the skyway to Fantasyland, Dive under the Submarine Lagoon in the original voyage through liquid space! See the pack mules and Natures Wonderland, and ride a cruise through the Jungle after seeing the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse!

We see the peoplemover from the air, hear the sounds of Main Street music, Ride aboard the Mark Twain to see the Burning Settlers cabin, grab some classic Disneyland Popcorn, and so much more. And like I said, this is ONLY THE BEGINNING! Hours of fun await us in Randomland as we time travel again and again, This is just a pilot/test! I hope you enjoy it and please SHARE this with all your Disneyland loving, Social-Distance cooped up friends who would like to step outside and into the past. It was an elegant park, for a more civilized age, and it’s all coming back on Randomland!

Please see our instagram @JustinScarred for some more photos of Closed Disneyland today (March 26) – and Thanks for Watching!

Credits: All film in this episode ©Randomland; painstakingly collected, processed, and restored by Randomland. Sound edited and designed (and much of the music performed) by Justin Scarred, with Special Thanks to Dave from Fresh Baked for supplying additional background sounds through his fantastic modern walkthrough – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ql6dilAUyE – tell him Justin sent you to yell “FRASH BAK!!!” – If you would like to donate vintage family film (Which will be processed & restored and returned to you along with a digital copy) please contact us through the website Randomland.com (it will be back up in a few days!)

Never miss an Adventure! Subscibe & Tap the ? to get notifications on new videos! If you’re new here Randomland™ is a show hosted by Justin Scarred looking at the positive side of life, in a lighthearted, entertaining, and educational way. Although made for adults, the show is Family friendly, positivity focused, and meant to be an escape from the every day stress. Part media, part documentary, part travel show. Have an adventure with us! Whether its amazing educational destinations like the mysterious 1,000 year old ruins of Chaco Canyon, or the beauty of the National Parks, a Medieval Castle in France, or An Epic Journey along Route 66, there’s a lot to see! We also visit Disney World, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and many other theme parks (like the Enchanted Forest!) offering a historical look and a practical guide to having a fun adventure! But really, the point of Randomland is that Adventure is everywhere! From the local antique store to the Las Vegas Strip, from the creepy Clown Motel in the desert to Disneyland Paris! For the better part of a decade and with well over 1,000 episodes, Randomland has been bringing families a little escape and a little dose of positivity, humor, and adventure, all free on YouTube and supported by the fans primarily through Patreon, to avoid sponsors and clickbait, and keep the RANDOM in Randomland and the Family Friendly and educational elements strong! Thanks again for watching, and if you’re new here check out some of our amazing past adventures ! And stay tuned for more, from Randomland!

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INSTAGRAM – Current: https://www.instagram.com/justinscarred
Past & Current adventures : https://www.instagram.com/randomlandadventures



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