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Time Travel Temple Shows Past & Future? Dinosaur at Ta Prohm, Cambodia |

Time Travel Temple Shows Past & Future? Dinosaur at Ta Prohm, Cambodia

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Hey guys, today we are going to look at this temple called the Ta Prohm temple which means Old Brahma, you see that face there, that is supposed to be the face of Brahma. Now, who is Brahma? Brahma is said to be the God of Wisdom who can see the past and the future. And this temple has actual evidence of time travel – going to the past and the future. It is going to be very exciting. Let’s go.
Oh there it is, there it is, Here you can see this amazing carving. Looks very similar to a dinosaur. And not even some type of dinosaur, it looks very similar to a stegosaurus. There is a type of dinosaur which has these dorsal plates, has these plates on its back. Look. 1,2,3,4,5,6. Look how this looks, looks like a dinosaur.
When we look at the modern day re-creation of a stegosaurus the similarity is quite shocking. Especially, the dorsal plates or the back plates, we don’t have any such large animals with back plates today, these became extinct millions of years ago. Now, scientifically, this carving should not exist. If humans evolved in the last 100,000 years and dinosaurs died 65 million years ago, there is no way humans saw a dinosaur while constructing this temple. And look this is not a fossil, or a skeleton, this is complete with all the details: skin, tail, flesh and everything, so the sculptor must have seen a dinosaur in real life. Some may argue that ancient builders must have re-created this by putting together fossils, bones and reconstructing the animal, but this is very very hard to do, even today this is not easy, and requires advanced scientific knowledge.

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