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Time machines to travel into the future? A real possibility! |

Time machines to travel into the future? A real possibility!

Could Time Machines take us into the future? In the theory explained in this video time travel into the future is possible. This is based on Einstein’s theories of relativity. In special relativity moving clocks run slower and in general relativity clocks run faster higher in a gravitational field. Therefore we can see the greater the energy of an individual ref-frame the slower time runs within that ref-frame. This is called Time dilation and is a totally natural process within the dynamics of our Universe. A good example of this is the Twin Paradox a thought experiment of identical twins, one of whom is an astronaut and the other stays at home. The astronaut brother undertakes a long space journey moving at almost the speed of light, while the other remains on Earth. When the travelling brother finally returns to Earth, it is discovered that he is younger than his sibling. This experiment could be turned around and instead of using the energy for travelling in space it could be used for the effect of time dilation itself! In this way we could use time dilation to travel into the future! Time would only be relative to the energy of the time machine the greater the energy the slower time would run within the reference frame of the machine and more into the future the time travellers would go!
Subjects relative to this video:
-Theoretical Physics
-Thought Experiment
-Time Dilation
-The Twin Paradox
-New Scientific Theory,
-Future Technologies
-Einstein’s Spacetime Vortex
-Time Travel
– Experimental Time Machines
-Posible Alien UFO Technologies
-Experiments in Time Warping,
-Concepy of an Arrow of Time explained
-Experimental Techology into time travel
-Time as a scentific vision QAT
-Posible Doctor Who Tardis Tecnology


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