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[This is China] Dancing Shaanxi, China Travel Promotion 舞动陕西 |

[This is China] Dancing Shaanxi, China Travel Promotion 舞动陕西

This video was shot in 2008.

Xi’an 西安市
The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an 西安大雁塔
The Ancient City Wall, Xi’an 西安古城墙
The Xingqing Park, Xi’an 西安兴庆公园
Shaanxi Provincial Statium 陕西省体育场
Xi’an Xianyang International Airport 西安咸阳国际机场
Xi’an Qujiang 西安曲江
Xi’an City Sport Park 西安城市运动公园
Shaanxi Provincial Swimming Pool 陕西省游泳馆
Xi’an Jiaotong University 西安交通大学
Northwestern University 西北大学
Shaanxi Normal University 陕西师范大学
Xi’an Post and Telecommunication Institute 西安邮电学院
Xi’an International Studies University 西安外国语大学
Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center 西安曲江会展中心
The Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an 西安小雁塔
Shaanxi History Museum 陕西历史博物馆
Xi’an Yajian Golf-course 西安亚健高尔夫球场
Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park 西安秦岭野生动物园
North Square of the Big Wild-goose Pagoda 西安大雁塔北广场
Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River 黄河壶口
Yellow River 黄河
Qiankun Bend of the Yellow River 黄河乾坤湾
Yan’an at Northern Shaanxi 陕北 延安
Northern Shaanxi Loess Plateau 陕北 黄土高原
Northern Shaanxi 陕北
Desert Lakes 沙漠湖泊
Desert Rivers 沙漠河流
Yulin Hongjian-nao Lake 榆林 红碱淖
Desert Railway 沙漠铁路
Desert Expressway 沙漠高速公路
Three-North Shelter Forest 三北防护林
Sheleter Forest in Desert 沙地防护林
Northern Shaanxi Oil Field 陕北油田
Northern Shaanxi Gas Field 陕北气田
Northern Shaanxi Coalfield 陕北煤田
Northern Shaanxi Open-cut Coal Mine 陕北露天煤矿
Northern Shaanxi Salt Mine 陕北盐场
Huashan Mountain 华山
East Peak of Huashan Mountain 华山东峰
North Peak of Huashan Mountain 华山北峰
West Peak of Huashan Mountain 华山西峰
Jifeng Mountain at Baoji 宝鸡鸡峰山
Qinling Mountains 秦岭
Candle Mountain at Ankang 安康蜡烛山
Nangong Mountain at Ankang 安康南宫山
Xiangshan Mountain at Tongchuan 铜川香山
Jinsi Grand Canyon at Shangluo 商洛金丝峡
Erlongshan Resevoir at Shangluo 商洛二龙山水库
Nanhu Lake at Hanzhong 汉中南湖
Hanjiang River 汉江
Langao County Town at Ankang 安康岚皋县城
Yinghu Lake at Ankang 安康瀛湖
Baoji Canyon 宝鸡峡
Baoji City 宝鸡市
Yangling City 杨凌市
Northwestern Agriculture and Forestry Science University 西北农林科技大学
Yangling Aquatic Center 杨凌水上运动中心
Weinan City 渭南
Yellow River Wetlands 黄河湿地
Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum 黄帝陵
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor 秦始皇陵
Terra-cotter Warriors and Horses 秦兵马俑博物馆
Mausoleums of the Han Dynasty 汉代陵墓群
Han Dynasty Yangling Mausoleum 汉阳陵 汉景帝陵
Han Dynasty Yangling Mausoleum 汉茂陵 汉武帝陵
Tang Dynasty Zhaoling Mausoleum 唐昭陵 唐太宗陵
Tang Dynasty Qianling Mausoleum 唐乾陵 武则天与唐高宗合葬陵
Si Ma-qian Memorial Temple 司马迁祠
Louguan Temple 楼观台
Baiyun Temple 白云观
Famen Temple 法门寺
Xi’an Huaqing Hot Spring 西安华清池

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