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This INDONESIAN MYTH got us 100K SUBSCRIBERS (Travel Journey) |

This INDONESIAN MYTH got us 100K SUBSCRIBERS (Travel Journey)

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In this video, we tell you the story of Pulau Satonda in Indonesia, and the myth of the “Pohon Harapan” (Hope Tree).

After starting our channel in September 2021, we visited this island and paid a visit to the tree. It is believed that if you make a wish at the tree and give an offering, your wish will come true. If your wish comes true, you must return to the tree and give thanks.

Cheyne decided to wish for 100k subscribers, and exactly 10 months later his wish came true…so in this video we return to Satonda and take you all along for the ride!

100k Subscribers in less than 11 months is an amazing milestone! Thank you all so much for supporting us and our channel. We could have not have done this without you all.

We hope you enjoy the video!

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0:00 Intro
2:32 Bali to Lombok
5:17 Traveling Across Lombok
7:02 Dinner in Lombok
11:06 Lombok to Sumbawa
14:01 Traveling Across Sumbawa
16:37 Spending the Night in Sumbawa Besar
17:41 Traveling Across Sumbawa Part 2
19:51 Eating on the Side of the Road
23:01 Visiting Mount Tambora
25:04 Mr. Bom Bom!
26:30 Spending the Night in Miro
32:54 The Final Leg to Satonda

Artist’s depiction of people fleeing the 1815 Tambora eruption (Source: Greg Harlin)

Thanks for Watching!


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