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Things to know before traveling to CHINA |

Things to know before traveling to CHINA

To wrap up our China travel series, we’re sharing our top China travel tips! We’ve broken down things to know before going to China into the following 4 categories:

1. General
2. Transportation
3. Food
4. Culture

When traveling to any foreign country especially for the first time, it’s a good idea to get travel tips so you aren’t caught in a bind when you get there – especially in a country like China where government rules and regulations are pretty tight and getting around isn’t so straight forward especially if you can’t speak/read Chinese.

We’ve made this video about things you should know before going to China to help give an overview and prepare you for your China travel with some top tips, speaking all from our personal experiences.

We cover details around things like:

– What apps are blocked in China?
– What are some useful mobile apps you should download before travelling to China?
– How safe is travelling in China?
– Where to get a sim card for China?
– What’s the best way of getting around China?
– How to book high speed train tickets for China?

…and more! We also share some Chinese cultural norms so you don’t get too big a culture shock when visiting China.

Traveling to China can be pretty daunting for foreigners especially if you can’t speak or read he language (or you’re not travelling with someone who can) so we hope our tips and China Travel Guide will make you feel a bit more prepared.

There are a lot of mixed messages out there about using VPNs in China (to get around blocked websites and apps). Some will say it’s illegal and banned to use VPNs in China, others say it’s not really a big deal.

So if you’re wondering “is it illegal to use a VPN in China?”, the answer lies somewhere in the middle as it’s a bit of a grey area therefore we encourage you to make your own conclusions on this topic. We can say that things definitely weren’t made easy for us though due to the VPN service we used in China but at least we had a sim card that didn’t have website restrictions which helped us immensely.

This is the sim card we ordered before travelling to China and had no issues with it at all except needing to be conscious of how much data we were using. Once the data limit was reached, it switched to a 3g network which was super slow! We found their live chat customer service very helpful with fast responses and you just need to make sure you allow enough time for delivery. They carry a few different sim card options so it’s best to find one that suits your needs. For us, we needed just data for 2 months (no calls), so we got 2 of these to last us during our China trip:


When going between cities, instead of flying, most of the time we were taking a high speed bullet train in China which we really enjoyed and found it a much better form of transport for domestic travel. We used this website to book all our train tickets beforehand and picked them up when we got to the train stations in China.


Despite the challenges that China has for foreign travelers especially outside of the bigger cities like Shanghai and Beijing, we highly recommend visiting China and seeing for yourself how incredible the country is. There is so much fascinating history, beautiful scenery and it’s also a highly technologically advanced country in many ways. Just make sure you’re clued up on things to know before travelling to China and you’ll be sweet 🙂

Let us know what you think about our China travel guide and if you’ve got any questions (or suggestions) about tips for traveling in China. Happy travelling!

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Thank you 😀

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