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THEO plays Professor Layton OST Last Time Travel Theme |

THEO plays Professor Layton OST Last Time Travel Theme

**PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!!!!** This is my SUPER DUPER OLD orchestral cover of Professor Layton and the Last Time travel OST Main theme. Also known in NA title: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. But I like calling it LT better. This was my first official ‘Orchestra Alone’ recording I’ve done. I didn’t make any arrangements- I just played as I heard, except for that little piano solo in the middle.

For those of you not familiar with my ‘Orchestra Alone’ covers, here is a brief explanation of what I do. I play violin and (a very small bit) of piano. I listen to the original OST, play each instrumental parts I hear in the orchestra and record it over and over again (around 30 times) and mix them down into one piece to make it sound like an orchestra! Of course all orchestral parts are played with violin and piano only. No cello, no drum etc. It takes so much time and effort but I think its worth it 🙂

This was recorded before I had a proper condenser mic. My poor laptop mic was barely taking in the delicate violin solo parts. Please consider that in mind! Oh right. That title drawing is my super old one too. Please excuse my professor Layton looking ridiculously young….haha.

Regarding the music score. I’ve done everything by ear so unfortunately I can’t share them. Some people have kindly asked me to write out the scores but I think it’ll take me FOREVER AND EVER to write out the full score for each work I do. :'(

I do not own the game, characters involved nor the original music. They belong to Level 5.

Donwload Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?y19yly7dnjp6xm4


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