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The Travels of Marco Polo – Summary on a Map |

The Travels of Marco Polo – Summary on a Map

In this second video about great explorers, let’s retrace the Travels of Marco Polo across Asia, accompanied by his father and his uncle.
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English translation & voiceover: Matthew Bates https://www.epicvoiceover.com/
Original French version: https://youtu.be/8r7oLK1vLGQ
Russian version: Coming soon
Arabic version: Coming soon
Spanish version: Coming soon
Portuguese version (Brazil): Coming soon
Japanese version: Coming soon
Music: Violet Vape – Cheel (YouTube Library)
Software: Adobe After Effects
00:00 Context
00:41 The travel of Niccolo et Maffeo Polo (the father and the uncle of Marco Polo)
02:10 Departure from Venice and the meeting with the pope
03:10 Travel to China
05:03 Marco Polo in China
07:35 Back to Europe
08:50 “The travels of Marco Polo”
09:38 End of his life and consequences of his book


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