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The Traveling Wilburys – Vol. 1 [Classic Album Review] |

The Traveling Wilburys – Vol. 1 [Classic Album Review]

The Traveling Wilburys Volume 1’s history begins when George Harrison was promoting his comeback album Cloud Nine and his record company Warner Brothers wanted him to record a B-side for a single that was going to be released. Jeff Lynne, who produced Cloud Nine had suggested getting Roy Orbison to come and sing backup on the song. They wanted to record the song quickly and knew that Bob Dylan had a studio they could use. George Harrison had always kept a few of his guitars at Tom Petty’s house so he didn’t have take with him whenever he had to travel back and forth between Los Angeles and London. When George got his guitars, he invited Tom Petty down to the session. The song they recorded was Handle With Care. The record company said “This is too good to be a B-side.” So they released it as a single on its own and it ended up being the band’s biggest hit. The album quickly followed with the writing and recording of nine more songs. It was released in October of 1988 and was a big success and remained number three on the Billboard album charts for several weeks. Unfortunately at the height of their success Roy Orbison passed away from a heart attack. However, before he died he was delighted that the album was a success. Contact: jeremyboyd02@gmail.com


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