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The Traveling Forge |

The Traveling Forge

I’ve got an incredible friend. His name is Duffy Neubauer. He’s one of those guys with no excuses. And I mean none, zero, zilch, zip, nada. Not a single one. I’ve known the guy for six years now and I’ve never heard him be negative or have any excuses for not getting something done. He simply gets stuff done. It’s this type of mindset that is so incredibly powerful to anyone in any stage of their life. 

Mr. Duffy, as my wife and I call him, is passionate about history. Sometime ago he got hooked on the civil war era, the 1860’s. I have no idea what acquisition was the first piece of the puzzle but Mr. Duffy now has a complete collection of civil war rolling artillery. It’s all on display in his museum, The Starkville Civil War Arsenal. He has a handful of canons, which are original, but the rest of the rolling stock was all built by him. Not only built by him, but built to the exact specifications on the original contracts. That alone is an incredible feat but when you take into consideration that Mr. Duffy is not a “woodworker” the feat becomes even more impressive. He didn’t FIRST gain the knowledge and experience making stuff out of wood AND THEN decide he wanted to use that knowledge to build incredible pieces like this. Instead, with no major woodworking experience, he determined his end goal and did whatever was necessary along the way to achieve that goal. The necessary steps include a tremendous amount of precise woodworking. 

All of that to say kudos to Mr. Duffy on all that he has done to accomplish his ever evolving goals and not let the unknown or difficult get in his way, and in doing so pass along education of a long gone era. In this video Mr. Duffy highlights one of the most important vehicles of the 1860’s, the traveling forge. 

For more information or to contact Mr. Duffy directly you can view his website here: https://www.starkvillecivilwararsenal.com/


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