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The Traveling Bird Feeder 2 – Relax With Squirrels & Birds (4K, 1 Hour) |

The Traveling Bird Feeder 2 – Relax With Squirrels & Birds (4K, 1 Hour)

Relax with wild animals for one hour and listen to the calming sound of birds. Perfect as cat & dog TV or as relaxing background TV. In this series, we roam about in Norwegian nature with a mobile bird feeder ( a sled filled with delicious nuts, seeds & fruit ),  feeding  wild squirrels and birds. This is the second episode of The Traveling Bird Feeder, now in 4K.

PS. We take no responsibility for broken TVs as a result of your pets damaging it. (Scratching or jumping on to the screen).

Thanks to your suggestions in the comment field on our last episode, we have done improvements to the Menu of The Traveling Bird Feeder, we have also increased the quality to 4K as requested.

Species in this episode:

Great tit ( 0:14 ) :

Eurasian blue tit ( 0:49 ):

Eurasian jay ( 1:15 ):

Red squirrel ( 6:27 ) :

Great spotted woodpecker ( 1:38 ) :

Eurasian bullfinch ( 20:02 ):

Eurasian nuthatch ( 32:03 ) :

European greenfinch ( 6:44 ):

Common redpoll ( 14:37 ):

Eurasian siskin ( 36:34 ):

See one that we have missed or miss-identified? Let us know in the comments below, or send us an E-mail.

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We have decided to turn on some ads, but we will not allow for ads to run 100 times in the middle of our videos, as that would destroy our content. If you see ads in our videos that are inappropriate please let us know. We are not expecting to make a lot of money on these ads. The money we earn will help pay for food and equipment used to create videos for this channel.

This video was recorded in South Norway. Both locations in this video are very close to where we normally feed birds and squirrels, therefore this sled is simply a bonus for them and not something they rely on.

It has been a particularly warm winter here in South Norway. Snow melts away almost as fast as it arrives, as you will see in this episode of The Traveling Bird Feeder.

Video Notes:
We have increased the quality to 4K. The only downside to this is that we will not be able to zoom in on single animals in the sled by cropping the main camera footage as we did in the first episode. We, therefore, have to rely on B-Roll and cameras in the sled for closeups this time.

Audio Notes:
We do our best to record as good audio as possible with the skills and equipment we have. But audio may be a bit different between videos, as many things affect the end-result, including the following:

– How loud birds sing at the given time (which is related to both weather and time of year among other things)

– natural noise (like wind, rivers, rain, snow, etc.)

– human noise (like planes, cars, machines, chainsaws, yelling, etc.)

We try to keep a balance between keeping the audio as authentic as possible, while simultaneously removing as much human noise as possible. This means that all audio is recorded in the same area as the video, and within the same week as the video. but not necessarily at the exact same time.


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