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The Tastiest Sav Dansala in Sri Lanka (Sago Drink) |

The Tastiest Sav Dansala in Sri Lanka (Sago Drink)

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We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed making!!

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▶️ Who is Travel With Wife?

We got married in 2018. Like everyone else, we earned our means through 9-5 jobs for years. Chamri was working in sales, and Kasun as a photographer. We both loved to travel. After years of working in corporate structures, we decided to start “Travel with Wife”, an idea we thought of during our first wedding anniversary trip, where we wanted to share the details of our trip with our friends and family.
We soon fell in love with a travelers lifestyle and began our vlog, which was a turning point in our lives. We got to visit 5 countries, in addition to exploring the crevices of our beautiful island home, Sri Lanka ✈️.

We toured until the pandemic confined us to our homes. In 2020, our travel princess Elina was born and joined our little travel family 👨‍👩‍👧. We can’t wait to start our travels again, with our new adventurer! We thank you for your consistent support and love, we can’t wait to show you everything we have planned!

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