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The only travel app you need. Travel sooner and longer using Leap. |

The only travel app you need. Travel sooner and longer using Leap.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=leap.plan.budget.travel
Learn more: https://www.cost-of-world-travel.com

World travel planner, backpacker checklist, trip budget calculator & tracker, all in one convenient place. Budget your trip & travel around the world with digital nomad app Leap!

Dream of backpacking Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia or South America? We’ll help you create an itinerary that fits your travel budget. Need to save more money? We’ve got an innovative trip budget planner & expense tracker to give you a helping hand.

Backpacking & digital nomad planner – TOP Leap features:
● Trip budget planner – access the travel cost from around the world
● World travel planner – find out when and how long you can travel the world with your travel budget
● Income & expense tracker – build up savings to travel the world sooner and longer
● Packing list for any type of traveler: (solo) backpacker, digital nomad, flashpacker, globetrotter, camper or adventure traveler.

Create the travel itinerary for your backpacking adventure or digital nomad life. Plan your gap year, sabbatical leave or full-time travel.

From hostels over homestays to hotels, from supermarkets over street food to restaurants, from public transport over rental cars to taxis, our database knows travel costs from more than 100 countries around the world. Find out the cost of living abroad.

Can’t wait to start your world trip? Calculate when and how long you can travel on your trip budget. Want to travel more? Track your incomes and expenses to achieve your travel budget goals. Saving money for travel is easier than you think!

Planning what to take on your world trip is easy with our packing checklist of over 200 travel gear items. From adventure trips over RV camping to luxury travel blogging, our packing list knows the average cost of the travel gear you need.

You’ve already planned your world trip? Great! What’s the start date & the duration of your trip? How much is the cost of your trip around the world? Cannot answer these questions precisely? Then don’t call it a plan. The key to traveling the world and be ahead of 99% of the other people out there is to be in control of your travel goals.

Discover how smart financial travel planning can make a big difference & join thousands on their long-term travel around the world.

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