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The Flexibility of Travel Nursing |

The Flexibility of Travel Nursing

Kelli, an RN, talks about the flexibility and different opportunities available to travel nurses. Find travel nursing jobs with the flexibility you need: https://www.americantraveler.com/nursing-jobs

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I’m a Registered Nurse with four years of experience. I’ve always been placed to a permanent hospital. There’s really no flexibility, it’s very routine, and every day is the same. So now that I’ve had the opportunity to come to South Florida at this hospital that my agency placed me in, it’s been wonderful. There’s new challenges, every day is different. I’ve already had my first promotion within the first ten weeks so I’m really excited about all of the opportunities that I’ve had.

As a travel nurse, I’m actual on one unit but I’m open to floating throughout the hospital so there’s always something different, great assignments, I always get to work with brand new people. It’s great to actually have that experience, not have the same thing day in and day out.

Being a travel nurse has its perks. I worked, actually, as a permanent nurse in a hospital and also PRN at a second job, so sometimes I was working five 12 hour shifts a week. My travel nurse salary, in three days, covers all of that.

American Traveler has made it possible for me to have a beautiful, two bedroom apartment on A1A, right next to the beach. Also I’m making more money. It’s worth it to go ahead and take that dive in.

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