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The Complete Travels of Radagast the Brown | Tolkien Explained |

The Complete Travels of Radagast the Brown | Tolkien Explained

Radagast the Brown is one of the greatest mysteries of Middle-earth. Who was Radagast the Brown? What happened to him after The Lord of the Rings? We will answer the former, and venture a guess at the latter. We will also determine why he was considered not faithful to his mission in Middle-earth

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Radagast – WETA
Radagast – Aleksander Karcz
Mage of Rhosgobel – Jef Murray
Radagast the Brown – Mariusz Migalka
Radagast the Brown – Ekaterina Chesalova
Radagast the Brown – Fabio Leone
Radagast the Brown – WangYuxi
Radagast – Dan Pilla
Radagast the Brown – Ralph Damiani
Rhosgobel – Ted Nasmith
Radagast’s House – Vincent Lin
Gwaihir and Gandalf – Antonia Jose Manzanedo
Beorn – JM Kilpatrick
Beorn – Nick Keller
Gandalf Meets Radagast – Gordon Palmer
Isengard – Only Chasing Safety
On the Shores of Valinor – Ted Nasmith
Radagast the Brown – Ruben Ramos
Saruman and the Palantir – The Brothers Hildebrandt
Orthanc in the Second Age – Ted Nasmith
Gwaihir the Windlord – Ted Nasmith

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