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The Complete Travels of Galadriel | Tolkien Explained |

The Complete Travels of Galadriel | Tolkien Explained

Today, we follow Galadriel’s life: her birth in Aman, exile with the rest of the Noldor, the first age in Beleriand, and her deeds in the second and third ages of Middle-earth. From Galadriel’s journey to Middle-earth, meeting her husband Celeborn, possessing Nenya – a Ring of Power, membership in the White Council, assisting the Fellowhip, and destroying Dol Guldur after the destruction of the One Ring – we will cover it all!

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Amdir – Aylatha
Amroth – Bakarov
Fingon – Anna Lee
Feanor – Bella Bergolts
Celebrimbor and Annatar At Work – WETA
Galadriel Tempted – Helena Nikulna
On the bridge of woe – Alan Lee
The Mirror of Galadriel – Alan Lee
Council of the Wise – Aleksander Karcz
Finrod Felagund – Alexandra Ishchenko
Galadriel – Anato Finnstark
The Gifts of Galadriel – Anna Kulisz
The Crossing of Helcaraxe – Antti Autio
The Oath of Feanor – Antti Autio
Power of Command – Borja Pindado
Tol-in-Gaurhoth – Elena Kukanova
The Kinslaying – Ethan Park Morton
Galadriel’s Mirror – Fabio Leone
Galadriel – Frank Rivolli
Glaurung – Jacob Jones
Beren – Elena Kukanova
Crossing the Helcaraxe – Jenny Dolfen
Love at First Sight – Liga Klavina
Royal Couple – Liga Klavina
Galadriel – Livia De Simone
Lothlorien – Helakiv
Galadriel’s Gift – Magdalena Olechny
Glaurung – Markus Erdt
Angrod – Marya Filatova
Aegnor – Elena Kukanova
Galadriel – Marya Filatova
Grinding Ice – Marya Filatova
Galadriel – Matthew Stewart
Galadriel – Mignon Zakuga
In a Dungeon – Mysilvergreen
Galadriel – Iced Wings Art
Celebrian – Olga Kowalik
The Trial – Ralph Damiani
Galadriel – Raoul Vitale
Helcaraxe, Death of Elenwe – Sara M Morello
Helcaraxe – Stefan Meisl
Galadriel – Stephanie Brown
The Kinslaying at Alqualonde – Ted Nasmith
Fingolfin Leads the Host Across the Helcaraxe – Ted Nasmith
The Burning of the Ships – Ted Nasmith
Lothlorien – Tim Catherall
The Oath of Feanor – Jenny Dolfen
Celeborn – Ulla Thynell
Wrath of Galadriel – WETA
Alqualonde – Dakkun39
Maedhros – Jenny Dolfen
Alqualonde – Formenost
Artanis and Feanor – Tolman Cotton
Feanor and the Silmarils – Bella Bergolts
Captain of Gondor – Nordheimer
Aragorn – David Auden Nash
Galadriel’s Gift – Ed Beard Jr
Elessar Elfstone – Sarkaskopikova
Elu Thingol – Kimberly80
Elven Smith – Tolman Cotton
Forging the One Ring – Marko Manev
Gift of Galadriel – Brothers Hildebrandt
Idril – Kamehame
There will be blood – Jenny Dolfen
Melian – Kimberly80
Legolas and Gimli Depart – Turner Mohan
The Curse of Mandos – Lourdes Velez
Magic of Recluce – Matt Stawicki
The Burning Swans – Andromeda Switchery
The Fall of Gondolin – MySilverGreen

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