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Tangerine Travels & Jerry Brown Travels meet up in Ajijic |

Tangerine Travels & Jerry Brown Travels meet up in Ajijic

Tangerine travels and Jerry Brown travels are not traveling at this time. We are both in our homes self quarantine. Our recommendation is to protect yourself, protect others by staying at home as much as possible wearing our mask, gloves and using hand sanitizers and of course washing our hands. Let’s all be safe so together making it safe for everybody.

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We are Looking Back 2 years ago we met up with a couple of YouTubers creators who are traveling through Mexico and sharing their experiences along the way. Their videos provide a lot of information about the cost of living in Mexico , travel expense and hot traveling tips. I know you know them as tangerine travels Maddie and Jordan. Their story is a success story how they’ve grown there YouTube channel so fast In less than three years they have 151,000 subscribers. We did this collaboration to showcase another channel that you might like to follow and to provide a perspective from a younger generation of travelers and adventurers. Subscribe to Tangerine Travels on YouTube: https://goo.gl/kMGKSA


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