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Syria Vacation Travel Video Guide |

Syria Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Syria.
Syria is an ancient country of culture located between the Mediterranean and the desert. Its ancient desert metropolises, old villages, impenetrable fortresses and biblical harbour towns have witnessed the rich and fascinating history of bygone times.Damascus is the capital of Syria and symbol of culture in the Near East and located a hundred kilometres from the Mediterranean coast. The Kalaa Citadel is situated on the periphery of the old town that was once surrounded by huge walls and it was from there that Saladin fended off the attacks of the Crusaders. The Khan As´Ad Pasha is often referred to as being the most beautiful caravansary in the Near East. Its inner courtyard is covered by eight mighty and partly painted cupolas each of which is supported by four pillars. Set amid the desert savannah of Syria are the proud remains of a unique and mysterious metropolis, Palmyra, a legendary ancient city that was built due to the existence of the Tadmur Oasis. The shortest and fastest route from the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia and Persia travels directly past the Tadmur Oasis thus it was only a question of time until an important trading post was founded there. Around a quarter of a million Bedouins live in Syria’s desert areas. They are nomads who speak Arabic and belong to the Muslim faith and their income is derived from sheep, goats and camels which produce both milk and meat. They travel the desert accompanied by their animals. Further north on the edge of the fertile Al Ghab Ditch is the ancient metropolis of Apameia, one of the most beautiful cities in the Near East. Apart from Bosra and Palmyra this huge city of ruins is one of the most important Hellenist regions in Syria. Syria is the Pearl Of The East. With deserts, wadis and mountains, castles and crusader fortresses, Roman ruins, palaces and mosques. A legendary country between both past and future whose cultural treasures still survive today.

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