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Supermarket brands court travel-hungry shoppers with European delicacies |

Supermarket brands court travel-hungry shoppers with European delicacies

Amid the pandemic, supermarket brands are hoping to cash in on travel-hungry shoppers. From samples to cooking demos to a vast array of authentic European delicacies, they”re pulling out the stops to create a culinary adventure that doesn”t require a flight. Formosa News reporter Stephany Yang shows us what”s cooking.

Large crowds line up to try samples. There”s cheese, meats, wine, croissants and more.

At the other side of the supermarket, shoppers load boxes of wine into their carts. At this Taipei Carrefour store, Wine Fair and Europe Week are underway.

Thomas Verbrigghe
We found some very great deals on South African wine that I love. We bought 104 bottles. I”ve been to tastings in the states where you go and pay money and they gave you one cup. Then you get it from a different dispenser. But never been to one that”s free, so it”s been great.

Julien Roaust
This fair is amazing because nowhere in the world, here is the only place in the world that you can have a fair like this. People can freely and easily come. One bag has 12 croissants for NT$99.It”s very good, and it tastes just like French croissants, like back home.

Optimistic about the market for European delicacies, Carrefour is holding Europe Week from Nov. 6-17, to sell special products from European countries. At the same time, they”ve launched a wine far to showcase vintages from around the world.

Matthew Chang
Hypermarket public relations
It so happened that we were hit by the pandemic this year, and so people have been eating more at home. Therefore we”ve taken care to add products like cooking ingredients, noodles and other simple products. You don”t have to eat out if you want French or Italian cuisine – you can cook it at home. As for alcohol, or snacks, our sales volume has increased significantly. In this year alone, there”s at least a 10% increase from the previous year.

Meanwhile at this Breeze Super in Taipei, white truffles, Italian Christmas bread, and other delicacies are on offer, so that shoppers can enjoy the foods of Italy without going abroad. There”s even a Michelin chef demonstrating dishes like Porcini mushroom risotto with parsley and padano cheese.

Dario Bracco
My suggestion is always use the good quality of food. Don”t try to do Italian cuisine with fake food. The dish I use is always good quality. The pasta is a good company, the white truffle is good quality of Italian dish that that we can bring here in Taiwan. The rest is very easy to prepare. Just boil the pasta, put in the butter, and put white truffle on the top. It”s very easy, but very good.

Lo Ta-wei
Supermarket deputy general manager
Once Italian Week is over, we”ll have French Week, and then Christmas roast chicken. It”ll continue until Christmas. Because of the epidemic, people cannot go abroad, so Taiwanese consumers are increasingly favoring European products.

Supermarket operators say these themed events can give shoppers a taste of Europe without having to leave Taiwan.


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