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Street Food Around the World!!! Chopstick Travel's BEST MOMENTS of Food/Travel in 2019! |

Street Food Around the World!!! Chopstick Travel's BEST MOMENTS of Food/Travel in 2019!

We are bringing you the best street food and traditional cooking moments that Chopstick Travel experienced in 2019! From Lebanon, to Sri Lanka, to Mongolia and even Canada, here are our favorite food-focused experiences from last year!

1. Al Soussi (Beirut, Lebanon)

This is a legendary breakfast shop in the capital city of Lebanon. We ordered fatteh, among several dishes, which is toasted bread, yogurt, chickpeas, topped with fried almonds in ghee. CNN rated Al Soussi as one of the top breakfast shops in the world. A big thank you to Anthony Rahael (NoGarlicNoOnions) for introducing us to his country, food and culture!

2. Home-Cooked Family meal (Rabat, Morocco)

We had the opportunity to watch the making of the traditional Moroccan pastilla and then taste it! Known as the Royal Pie, it’s stuffed with incredible ingredients like: marinated chicken, spiced eggs, sweet almond paste and more. There is an emphasis on the delicate balance between sweet and savoury. A big thank you to Mohamed (Moroccan Food Tour) for welcoming us into his home to try traditional Moroccan food!

3. Sushi Tou (Tokyo, Japan)

We wanted to document what it’s like to live the life of a sushi chef in Tokyo. Chef Uryu of Sushi Tou was kind enough to let us follow him to the Toyosu Fish Market where he has relationships with fish vendors, and then, back to his restaurant where he serves a full course omakase with the best quality ingredients. He tells the story about how he became a sushi chef, how he chooses the right fish from the market, and how he tries to perfect his craft. A big thank you to Japan Wonder Travel for helping us coordinate this project!

4. Iskender kebap (Bursa, Turkey)

Turkish food is bold, and Iskender kebap is a dish that you can’t ignore. Thinly sliced juicy meat, fluffy bread, sour yogurt and tart tomato sauce with bubbling hot oil poured on top. This dish will make your mouth water and we had the opportunity to try it in the original restaurant it was created. This is a must-eat when you visit Turkey!

5. Zarb Chicken (Bethlehem, Palestine)

Experiencing a traditional family meal is one of the best ways to learn about the true culture of a place. We were welcomed into the home of a family living in Bethlehem. We watched them cook “Zarb” which refers to the traditional oven that they use to bake the chicken. A big thank you to Peace by Piece Tours for arranging this experience for us!

6. Jackfruit Curry (Pelwehera, Sri Lanka)

Jackfruit is one of the most unique and versatile ingredients you can find. In the villages of Sri Lanka, we had the opportunity to witness lady chefs prepare a jackfruit curry, using only ingredients from their organic farm. A big thank you to the Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau for arranging this experience for us!

7. Boodog (Darkhan, Mongolia)

THE most culinary experience of our life to date. Mongolia is a rugged country, and out in the steppe, herder families live off of the land. We experienced the full process of “Boodog” which is goat meat cooked inside itself. It is a very difficult process for the Boodog master but the end result is very delicious. Thank you to ARTGER for helping us create this project!

8. Lobster Boil (New Brunswick, Canada)

It is time to highlight our heritage! Atlantic Canada is well-known for its seafood, in particular lobster. We went on a fishing boat with a lobster fisherman, and sourced our lobster fresh from him. We then have a traditional Canadian lobster boil at home! A big thank you to Ryan for helping us coordinate this video!

9. Lechon (Pampanga, The Philippines)

Lechon is a signature dish from the Philippines, so we could not miss the opportunity to have it at the world-renown Bale Dutung restaurant. The multi course degustation was incredible and delicious. A big thank you to FoodieMommaPH for making this video happen!

10. Ministry of Crab (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

The Ministry of Crab takes local ingredients and turns them into culinary masterpieces. Chili crabs are the highlight here, but you will experience a full-course meal highlighting the diversity of crab as an ingredient. Meeting Chef Dharshan was the highlight! Thank you to the Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau for arranging this experience for us!

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This is the second channel for Chopstick Travel and Luke Martin! We will be showcasing uncut and RAW footage of Street Food around the world and Travel snippets from our world adventures! We love to eat and travel and believe its the best way to discover a culture! We want you to travel for food too!

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