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Sony a7c – The Camera for Travel Vloggers |

Sony a7c – The Camera for Travel Vloggers

Sony a7c Camera,
body with lens https://amzn.to/2Y2TPzI
Only body https://amzn.to/3o7pWsv

My Cinematic Music(Free 1 month, download unlimited) –
EpidemicSound – https://bit.ly/3iV4ZyL

Artlist Music

High quality Music –
Musicbed – https://bit.ly/324705a

Download SLOG2 Color Grading Presets,
Outside India – https://bit.ly/324QWzT
India – https://imojo.in/2c19wa0

~~For India~~
AB Lightroom Photo Presets – https://imojo.in/2msaxzd
100 Whoosh Sound Effects – https://imojo.in/geagpe
AB LUT pack – https://imojo.in/1azm4oo
Color Grading Presets – https://imojo.in/38y1pjg
Voice over preset – https://imojo.in/mud9p2
Moody Yellow LUT pack – https://imojo.in/b3ntl1

~~For Outside India~~
AB Lightroom Photo Presets – https://bit.ly/3aDe78t
100 Whoosh Sound Effects – https://bit.ly/3gGuu6j
AB LUT pack – https://bit.ly/3l56zzx
Color Grading Presets – https://bit.ly/2U0w8Gk
Voice over preset – https://bit.ly/3exIWxq
Moody Yellow LUT pack – https://bit.ly/3ewRd4t

All My Camera/Studio Equipment’s,

My main camera https://amzn.to/3p3uH7M

Follow me,


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