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RTW Travel Packing Essentials |

RTW Travel Packing Essentials

I’ve been traveling for 8 months starting in Japan, the Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, (back to the US & Japan for the holidays), and India.
I planned to make a video like this and actually shot it once before I left, but hated it, so I didn’t upload. I thought it’d be better in the middle of the trip anyway. Not too much has changed; although, as you would imagine, I’ve gotten rid of some things (will probably get rid of more after this big cleanup today). The picture in the opening slide was actually from before I left Japan to begin the trip. The biggest thing I’ve dropped along the way was the tripod. I originally went without Listerine and with only 1 pair of pants. I found it constraining to only have the option of shorts while I was washing/drying my pants, so I decided to bring along a second pair during my holiday back in the US for Christmas.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. You can find me here or on Twitter at:

Also if you want to know where I am right now, follow this twitter feed:

You can learn about my project at http://www.caughtdoingood.com
Or see my personal site at http://www.locomote.org

Background audio is “El Loco Boogaloo” by the always awesome Juanitos.
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