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Rome, Italy Travel Guide |

Rome, Italy Travel Guide

Rome.. the beating heart of an empire that once ruled the world. Thousands of years of culture have turned this city into a theme park of historical attractions, serving up some of the most delicious food on the planet. Everyone wants to come to Rome, and I’m guessing so do you! But the crowds are getting bigger and bigger every year.. has Rome become the ultimate tourist trap? My name is Ricky Moreno, and I’m gonna show you Rome’s most popular tourist attractions, and all the reasons why people say, “I love Rome!”

1:05 – Airport Arrival
1:49 – The Colosseum
4:27 – Roman Forum
6:10 – FOOD
8:22 – Rome Walking Tour
9:29 – Trevi Fountain
10:16 – The Metro
11:37 – Pickpockets
12:58 – Appian Way
14:13 – Vatican City
16:11 – Audience With The Pope


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