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Roads of Lebanon | Travel film |

Roads of Lebanon | Travel film

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Lebanon is so much more than what I managed to capture in this short video. This is not a true image of Lebanon, but rather a reflection of our trip there in February 2019. It is an incredibly interesting country full of contrasts between cultures, religions and welth! In this video I am mostly showing the poor parts of Lebanese cities, but that is because those parts were full of life and very interesting atmospheres. They were also visually more interesting as I just wanted to go deeper and deeper and discover more. But there are also massive skyscrapers, fancy hotels and shopping malls, bars and clubs, expensive and big american cars, churches and mosques, all those things are missing in this video. But let me just say that Lebanon is an incredible country, with even friendlier and more hospitable people and it is absolutely worth everyone’s visit. Merci ktir!


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