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RARA in winter is EPIC | Travel With Oshin | Episode 4 |

RARA in winter is EPIC | Travel With Oshin | Episode 4

Here it is. Rara is surreal and I think we made the best decision to get there when it was covered in snow. This is Rara in winter. Rara when it is white! I haven’t got enough of this beauty. It’s a promise to myself…I will visit again. Let us know how you like this episode in the comment section below.
Here is my recommended Itinerary. I have also attached the link to all my associations.

Day 1
Fly to Nepalgunj with Yeti Airlines. If you wish to get there by road, it takes you about 12 hours to reach Nepalgunj. We stayed at Siddhartha Hotel Nepalgunj and I must say the hospitality is 10 on 10. Usually the flight to Rara is around 9 am to 11 am, so if you take a morning flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. You can catch the flight to Rara through Tara air on the same day or take the first flight the next morning. Do not forget to explore the hustle and bustle of Nepalgunj and try out the local biryani and rabdi if you decide to stay overnight (Mubarak Biryani recommended, also try their kebabs please).

Day 2
Take an early morning flight to Rara. You will land at Taalcha airport. We stopped by for Lunch at Basanta Hotel (+9779866890247). We then took a jeep to Milichaur which we had booked earlier then walked for 3 hours to get to Danphe Hotel which is located right in front of Rara. You can also go on a horse or a pony if you don’t wish to walk. We would however recommend walking. The view is insanely beautiful. You can contact the travel agency that helped us out “Smiling Rara” (+9779848176544)

Alternate route

Walk from Taalcha Airport to Rara Lake for two hours. It’s an uphill hike. You can then catch a boat to Danphe Hotel Rara. The boat only operates until 1pm, so make sure you complete the hike before 12pm and can catch the boat. The boat will take around 50 – 60 minutes to reach Danpe Hotel. We would however recommend taking this route only while you are getting back from the trip to avoid the hassle of the boat and the tiring uphill hike.

Day 3
Start you day by boating in the lake. In the afternoon, chill in Rara and soak in the nothingness. Also make sure you have a big bowl of Rara chow chow while you bask in the sun. It’s my favorite noodles and I must say Rara in Rara in an unbeatable experience.

Day 4
Take a horse ride to Murma top from where you can see a breathtaking view of the entire Rara National Park or you can also hike up to the place. It will take you about 2 hours in the horse and three hours by foot. Sadly we could not go there due to the snow, so we concluded our horse ride in Murma Village. Murma village is a not a tourist hotspot so expect very simple food or hospitality there. We however enjoyed a warm meal with a beautiful family.

Day 5
Leaving Rara…Take a boat ride until the last stop. It is a short ride, you won’t know how an hour will pass while boating in the mystical Rara. Walk downhill to Taalcha airport and take a flight from Tara air to Nepalgunj. Fly back to Kathmandu on the same day. Take a late afternoon flight to Kathmandu on the same day.

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