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Peshawar! Best Food in Pakistan?! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep 02 |

Peshawar! Best Food in Pakistan?! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep 02

The #Pakistan Travel #Vlog continues! On this episode of the Pakistan Travel Vlog series we head to the amazing city of Peshawar! Finally… I’ve heard so many great things about Peshawar. Along the journey we see a lot of awesome things like Pakistan’s Daddu Buses, which have the iconic Pakistan truck art all over them. We also hang out with the Minister of Tourism Atif Khan and visit the Peshawar National Games! We get the chance to watch some epic boxing matches and then we head to Peshawar’s food district. Here we try some of Pakistan’s best food and feast on some unforgettable meat. After that we head out to see the famous shoe maker of Peshawar who also makes the shoes of Prime Minister Imran Khan. All in all, we have an amazing first day in Peshawar and head home with our bellies full with some of the best food in Pakistan!!!

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This series is a collaboration of the great folks below and is courtesy of CPIC Global.

Zeeshaan Shah – https://www.instagram.com/zee/
Zubair Taki – https://www.instagram.com/zubairtaqi/
Hayley Dasovich – https://www.instagram.com/alexchacon_official/
Alex Chacón – https://www.instagram.com/alexchacon_official/
Umar Khan – https://www.instagram.com/ukhano/

Also appeared on the vlog:
Tom – https://www.instagram.com/traveltomtom/
Zainab – https://www.instagram.com/zainabmkhan/
Erika – https://www.instagram.com/erikasantos/
Aaron – https://www.instagram.com/tetikmusic/

For more information on the tour visit www.cpicglobal.com.
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