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Peak Design Travel Tripod: Setup + Tips |

Peak Design Travel Tripod: Setup + Tips

The Peak Design Travel Tripod has been our most ambitious project to date. It took 4 years to design and build this extraordinary tool and we are darn proud of it. PD Creative Director Lawrence loves it so much, he came back to do a 2nd instructional, this time with the final production version. We all know how much Lawrence likes to talk, so relax with a cold beverage cold beverage and join us on this epic journey through the ins and outs of the Peak Design Travel Tripod.

Introduction :15
Carbon vs. Aluminum :44
Quick Stats 1:17
What’s In The Box 1:47
Joey 1:52
Climate Neutral Certified Plug 2:15
Bushing Removal Tool Location 3:37
Show and Tell 3:50
Installing Standard Plate 6:26
Deploying the Tripod 8:17
Inverting the Center Column 10:50
Low Mode 11:17
Stability and Weight 14:23
Counter Hook 15:58
Phone Mount 16:40
Capture Clip Compatibility 18:30
Packing Up Tripod 19:01
Protective Bag 19:30
Strap Compatibility 21:33
Registering Your Travel Tripod 24:01
Tripod Accessories 24:42
Universal Head Adapter 25:05
Ultralight Conversion Kit 27:54
Spike Feet Set 31:37
Conclusion 34:36

So you heard about our Capture Clip and its compatibility with the Travel Tripod but want to learn more? Check out the Capture Clip instructional, featuring the one and only Lawrence.

Can’t get enough of Lawrence’s southern drawl and you’ve fallen in love with this instructional? Dive even deeper into the Tripod lore with our maintenance and tuning video.


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